06 Sep Obama vs. McCain -- 59 days to go. What's the point really?

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I have learned during this political campaign more than any other, that "political spin" makes a difference in the decisions that voters make.  However, political spin is a very tricky act.  Unlike entertainment, where a movie trailer is the spin that boosts ticket sales and gets people into a theater, often political spin reaches into our deepest emotional reservoirs to stir us to vote without considering the consequences of our actions.  Let me explain.

A good movie trailer may get us into a theater to see a movie that we don't enjoy very much.  But the next day we get over it.  If it is a good movie, we add to the spin and tell our friends.  But the very best movies only stay at the top of the box office for a few weeks then fade from memory.  With political spin, if we are lured into making a voting choice without fully considering the consequences, we have to live with the results a lot longer.

In this election, WE REALLY HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT.  We have to get the point of our decision, because the consequences and the stakes are higher than ever before.  This may sound like spin, but I will spend the next 59 days unraveling the choices for myself and those who join me in this dialog.

Tomorrow -- Unraveling the spin of the Republicans and the Democrats.

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