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Meet Your Travel Companions: Roger and Joyce Madison

A Very Good Year

Embark on a journey of discovery with the dynamic duo behind iZania Travel Services™ – Roger and Joyce Madison. With a shared love for exploration and a wealth of experience, this power couple is at the heart of crafting unforgettable travel adventures for you.

Roger Madison, CEO: A seasoned traveler with over two decades of expertise in navigating the landscapes of Southern Africa, Roger is not just a leader, but a passionate storyteller. His extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence ensure that every iZania tour is a seamless blend of adventure, culture, and unparalleled service.

Joyce Madison, Co-Founder: An enthusiast for cultural immersion and connecting with people, Joyce brings a unique perspective to your journey. As a co-founder, she is dedicated to curating experiences beyond sightseeing, allowing you to connect with the soul of each destination.

Together, Roger and Joyce travel with every group tour, sharing their insights into the people, places, and stories that make each adventure special. Their personal touch ensures that traveling with iZania feels like exploring the world with cherished friends.

Join Roger and Joyce Madison on an expedition beyond the ordinary, where every moment becomes a cherished memory. Your adventure awaits, guided by the passion and expertise of this dynamic duo.


Discover Africa with iZania Travel Services™: Unforgettable Journeys at Unbeatable Prices!

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Embark on a remarkable journey with iZania Travel Services™, where we specialize in providing budget-friendly tours to Africa and beyond. Through our strategic partnership with Bono Safaris and Tours in South Africa, and other esteemed collaborators, we leverage over 20 years of travel expertise in Southern Africa to offer you a rich and immersive experience at costs up to 20% lower than popular travel tours.

"At iZania Travel Services™, we focus on delivering exceptional service with multiple annual tours, and we're delighted to customize unique travel experiences for your family, organization, or business," says Roger Madison, our dedicated CEO.
Roger and Joyce, our founders, personally accompany each group tour, providing local insights into the vibrant cultures and breathtaking landscapes of South Africa. Our extended trips encompass iconic destinations such as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, open vehicle safaris in Botswana, and the renowned Kruger National Game Reserve in South Africa.

Specializing in intimate small group tours of 20-25 people, traveling with iZania is like being part of a close-knit family. Our "Short Tours" offer affordable options that cover the essence of Africa, with additional choices tailored to your specific interests.

Cape Town Jazz Festival 2This trip includes 3 nights in Johannesburg, a 1-day game drive, and 4 nights in Cape Town. You will visit the Apartheid Museum, Table Mountain, Robben Island, and much more.  A great way to experience South Africa, and all that jazz!  Affectionately referred to as “Africa’s Grandest Gathering”, the Cape Town International Jazz Festival is the largest music event in sub-Saharan Africa. This proudly South African-produced event is hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The festival annually boasts 5 stages with more than 40 artists performing over 2 nights. The festival hosts over 37,000 music lovers over the 2 show days.


Ghana 1Join us as we visit Ghana, Africa’s friendliest country.  This experience is designed for members of the African diaspora interested in exploring their roots. This immersive journey explores southern Ghana, including tours of two UNESCO World Heritage slave castles. In designing this tour, we aim to provide an authentic, but comfortable look into the cultures of your ancestors.

Enjoy the very best of East Africa in luxury on this tour of Tanzania and Zanzibar. Visit the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. Spend a day with the Maasai people and hike the foothills with the Chagga tribe. Go on Safari in the Ngorongoro Crater where you will see wildebeest and zebra, lion, buffalo, elephant, and giraffes. End your journey with 3 days at an all-inclusive resort on the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar.
Experience the grandeur of this fascinating country on this 7-day itinerary where you will enjoy the perfect blend of touring Egyptian sights with a leisurely sailing on this Egypt tour with a Nile cruise that you are sure to cherish for a lifetime.
iZania Travel Services™ makes the cost of the best-kept secret in travel to Africa more affordable. For detailed itineraries and booking information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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