06 Sep Final 60 days of presidential campaigning begins

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We have all just learned that the nation's jobless rate has hit a five-year high at 6.1 percent -- 84,000 jobs were lost last month, many at manufacturing plants.  It is the policies of the past 8 years that has put us in this ditch -- fighting two wars, outsourcing jobs at an increasing rate, supporting the wealth of the rich with the wrong tax cuts, and lousy stewardship of the economy that has led to the housing and financial markets crises.

"We can create 5 million new jobs in solar, wind, geothermal...All those jobs, well-paying jobs that can't be outsourced," said Obama.

The Democrats are going after the working class in swing states like Pennsylvania.

"The silence of the Republican Party was deafening on jobs, health care, the environment - all the things that matter to the people in the neighborhoods I grew up in," said Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The candidates are back on the stump, talking about oil, taxes, war, and each other.

Politics - away from the big stage, and back on the road.

In three weeks, you will see McCain and Obama face off in Mississippi in the first of three presidential debates.

For those who want to see real change, join the millions of "community organizers" who are volunteering to support the Obama campaign.  It is not enough to simply say, "Yes We Can!" in fornt of our television sets.  We must organize, register, and canvass to get out the vote for Obama.  If you have never been activel involved in a political campaign, the "fierce urgency of now" is upon us.  There is no second chance, no post-election analysis -- only victory is acceptable. 

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