23 Oct Obama vs. McCain -- 12 days to go. Out of ideas; out of touch; out of time.

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The remaining days of the Presidential campaign willbecome more and more intense -- as each candidate makes the final pitch to close the deal.  Millions of dollars are being spent to make the clocing arguments. This now becoming a battle for "mindshare."

How can we stay focused on what is important, and not get distracted by the competing messages.  Here's a test.  Try it.

  1. IDEAS.  Can you understand all the complex issues facing the USA at this time? Which candidate is surrounding himself with the best minds to gather the best ideas for solving the very difficult challenges?  Which candidate is throwing every scatter-brain idea up against the wall to see what sticks?
  2. FEELING YOUR PAIN.  Which candidate better understands the pain that you are currently suffering -- jobs, healthcare, education, tax relief?  Which candidate understands the difference between those who are rich and those who are struggling?  HINT: Do you make more than $250,000 a year?
  3. BEST USE OF TIME.  Which candidate is offering solutions -- healthcare proposals, economic solutions, global vision? Which candidate is hurling desperate attacks against the other's character, offering gimmicks and distractions, and not focusing on solutions at all?

The answers will tell you which candidate is out of ideas, out of touch, and out of time to earn your support.  I am supporting the candidate with the best ideas, understands my pain, and doesn't waste my time with empty distractions.

The remaining days of this campaign will make it very clear who the better candidate is.  Let's keep the faith, and ensure that every vote is cast to turn the page on tired ideas, out of touch supporters of the status quo, and those who don't recognize that times have changed.  There is a need for new directions.  Barack Obama offers the only alternative that represents real change.

Make sure everyone you know votes for change that we can believe in.


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