08 Oct Obama vs. McCain -- 26 days to go. Seven States will determine the outcome of this election.

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There are a couple of phenomena associated with this election that are "game changers."  The first is the strong grassroots organization of the Obama campaign.  The Democrats are registering more voters, making more calls, knocking on more doors, putting on bigger rallies.  This effort has resulted in a lead in the polls for Barack Obama that positions him for a strong finish.

The second factor is that the Obama campaign has more money and is outspending McCain as much as 2 to 1 in some of the battleground states.  This means that the election has come down to who will win in more of the remaining 7 battleground states. So, a strong focus by supporters in these states below will wn the victory for Obama.  Here is what the polling reflects today:

National Average -- Obama 48, McCain 45

Battleground States
Nevada  -- Obama, 49, McCain 47
Colorado -- Obama, 51, McCain 45
Missouri -- Obama, 50, McCain 47
Ohio -- Obama, 47, McCain 48
Virginia -- Obama, 53, McCain 43
North Carolina -- Obama, 46, McCain 49
Florida -- Obama, 52, McCain 45

Obama is leading in the polls in 5 of the 7 battleground states.  Concentrating our efforts in these states in the remaining days leading up to the election will result in victory.  We are past emotion, and the McCain campaign is starting to show signs of desperation.  If we continue to work hard, we will also minimize the "Bradley effect."   

We will monitor the polls in these states right up to election day.  The victory is in sight.

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