07 Oct Obama vs. McCain -- 27 days to go. 2nd Debate: Presidential Visionary vs. Angry Old Man

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CNN's poll of people who watched the second presidential debate showed 54 percent saying Democrat Barack Obama won and 30 percent thinking Republican John McCain was the victor.

The most telling observation about Barack Obama's debate performance was an observation that he looked "more Presidential -- in command of his plan, his vision, his prioirites." 

In response, John McCain was ineffective in recycling his stump speech talking points.  He was unconvincing, erratic in his arguments, and was not very crisp in offering specific solutions.  He seemed angry at the world for the mess we are in.

This outcome should solidify the lead that Obama has established, but there is still a long ways to go.  He has won the first two debates, and capitalized on the economic crisis open up signficiant polling leads in key battleground states.  Democrats are regitering more new voters, and they have a well-organized team on the ground that continues to work hard everyday to get out the early vote and  rally supporters for a big turnout on November 4th.

If we keep working, we can win.  We will win.  YES WE CAN!



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