05 Oct Obama vs. McCain -- 30 days to go. The Quiet Before the Storm

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The last two weeks have been tumultuous in the Presidential campaign.  We may have even reached a key turning point.  This period began with the McCain Bailout stunt, followed by the first Presidential debate, then  a $1 trillion dollar loss on Wall Street, followed by the Vice Presidential debate, then the Senate passage of the "improved Rescue Plan", ending with the House passage -- leaving everyone confused, exhausted, and devasted with the news of 180,000 more  job losses.  The net effect was an improved position in the polls for Obama and Biden, who surged ahead in key battleground states -- highlighted by McCain's conceding Michigan by suspending campaing efforts in this key Mid West state.

So, now we are in the quiet period of assessment before the storm wreaks its havoc. What will the storm clouds produce in the final 30 days? 

All indications are that the Republican attack machine will unleash its strongest attack against the character and judgment of Senator Obama -- and all of his associates.  The attempt will be to scare undecided voters with distortions and inuendo that suggest he is unfit to lead. 

But this time, we are better prepared.  The spin doctors won't get away with their "swift boat" tactics. Voters will not be tricked or frightened away from the polls.  Early voting will negate many of the election day hurdles that we faced before.  There are 2 debates remaining, and Senator Obama has proved that he is a superior debator.  He is also an aggressive campaigner in responding to the attacks. 

We have two days remaining to register voters, and a ground game to continue our early voting surge. We can weather the storm and emerge victorious.  These last 30 days are the payoff for nearly two years of hard work.  Keep the faith.  We will win on November 4th.

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