02 Oct Obama vs. McCain -- 32 days to go. Jabs but no knockouts for Biden, Palin

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Biden-PalenThis Vice Presidential Debate was, however, won on points by Joe Biden.

In my humble opinion, Joe Biden demonstrated a credible, reassuring compliment to Barack Obama.  Sarah Palen was a god cheerleader for John McCain, at best.  She did a good job of avoiding comprehensive answers to any questions, by continually changing the subject.  In boxing terms, she slipped the punches and avoided getting knocked out.

Joe Biden scored points on knowledge of the wide range of political issues that make the Presidency of the USA the most difficult job in the world.  He showed that he learned from the battles he has fought, yet maintained a connection with the Middle Class.  He very clearly made sharp contrasts with McCain and Bush on all critical issues.  In comparison, Palin adequately supported the failing McCain campaign messages.  She didn't hurt McCain, but only made a little recovery from the lousy performances in recent interviews.  She showed that anyone can cram for an exam.  But tomorrow, she won't be able to discuss any of the issues she crammed for.

I think the the Obama team lost no ground, and may continue the momentum gained in the past 2 weeks  as a result of the economic melt-down we are experiencing.  Everyone knows that the US economy is in trouble.  The more thoughtful and reassuring responses are coming from Obama and Biden.  Tonight's debate confirmed that.

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