29 Aug The Democratic National Convention: Referendum on "The Dream" -- Day 4

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Barack Obama came out swinging last night, and made his case for the Presidency. He demonstrated a visionary leadership perspective on the challenges that face us as Americans in a global community that hit hard at the alternatives offered by John McCain. He used strong fighting words that set the stage for the final days of this contest. Words that supporters can rally around to garner stronger support for the change that we need in this country.

Obama offered a promise to the grassroots supporters of his candidacy -- a PROMISE to build a BETTER AMERICA for each of us and our children. He demonstrated that he is prepared to take the fight to McCain and the Republican machine. The hope he offered for the fulfillment of the dream was less a lofty ideal, and more of a promise that each of us can embrace and work towards.

An important addition to the strong leadership demonstrated in Obama's speech was the powerful endorsement from former Vice President Al Gore. With Gore, Kennedy, Clintons, and the youthful movement in the Democratic Party behind him, Obama now has the strongest possible effort to win the White House. He has now given each of us reason to hope, dream, and make this future ours, if we will get out and deliver the votes. The victory is now in our hands.
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