27 Mar Journey to the Land of Ubuntu -- Day 7

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Today was a very busy day for me and for our group of travelers. I spent the day in business meetings exploring opportunities that are the result of connections made through iZania. These meetings confirmed that business opportunities are available in Africa for those who can add value, and are willing to work at building quality relationships needed to forge profitable outcomes.

Our primary content today comes from a thirteen year-old traveler who visited Soweto. Below are her own words to describe that experience.

Going to Soweto was an amazing experience! We saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. The most touching part of those three was the ugly. Seeing families live in one room when their house is so bad that it's not even considered a house being made out of whatever they could fine really got to me. Waving at the children that lived there and just looking at how their clothes are and their environment compared to mine just made me feel truly blessed. But every time I think about the children I just want to do something about it because no one deserves to live like that.

Another part that touched me was going to our tour guides parent's house and seeing his niece. She was 13 just like me but yet something seemed different about me and her. When I looked at her closely I noticed that she was a lot smaller than me. From an American point of view she would look like an 8 year old American girl. It made me wonder why there is a difference between us. The best part of all is no matter what part of Soweto we went to all the kids were happy as they smiled and waved.

- Andrea Flowers

Soweto - Good   Soweto - Ugly   Soweto - Bad

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