20 Sep Voting 4 Change

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Someone has to raise the issues that are hurting Black African American people.  We lack leadership at every level of our society, including politics.  I'm not interested in leadership that wants to fight or do battle.  I want them to solve problems.  I will not lower my standards to be a sideline cheerleader every two or four years, who need to be motivate to vote.  I'm engaged and demand accountability, transparency and solutions at every level.  However, a few of us, who are concerned about our people and the entire society can't be the only people awake and refusing to be used by both political parties to play their game, where the corporations and the wealthy elite keeps winning after the election.   Politicians will change their behavior, only when we change ours.  I am no longer practicing insanity. No Not the workout LOL, but doing the same thing and expecting change.  I will do things differently and see if that works.  An elected leader has access to taxes, to implement solutions to problems.  How can a government give 1.2 Billion Dollars or more in foreign aid to Egypt and other countries, while telling an American Child, whose school is falling down around them, who have old textbooks and no access to technology to wait and that things are going to get better.  Or get this, give out 700 Billion dollars that includes 16 Billion Dollars for Renewable Energy Projects and not give 5% of that to Black African American Renewable Energy Startups like AHEC for example http://www.ahecEnergy.com, while at the same time giving $500,000,000 to a single White Owned Renewable Energy Startup Company (Solyndra Solar), because they contributed to the President's Campaign (Pay-To-Play).  I will keep voting for change each and every election until I get it.  The status quo who fails to solve the community and societal problems is no longer acceptable to me.  Remember, it's not that this administration didn't solve some problems, just not the ones like Unemployment, Home Foreclosure, Education, Postal Service, Renewable Energy and National High Speed Rail Transportation.  The Auto and Banking Industries got their problems solved. They invested Taxpayer Dollars to solve those problems.  So those solutions were based on who and what mattered.  As a leader, with 700 Billion Dollars, control of both houses of congress for the first two years of his administration, more problems should have been solved.  The definition of insanity is: Doing the same things and expecting different results.  When President Obama tell Black African Americans who are hurting to most with historic high levels of poverty, unemployment and homicides, "I'm not the President of Black Folks, I'm the President of All Americans".  My question is: Ain't We Americans Too?  When he distributed out that 700 Billion Dollars, how many Black vs White Americans got the money for economic development vs social programs.  When we see those results, then we will truly understand what he meant, by his statements to us.  Is he continuing the old policies of Benign Neglect toward Black Folks?  Without the Black Folks of Chicago, the Black Folks of Illinois and the 95% of the Black Folks of this America, his dream of serving in the highest office in the land would not have been realized and as a repayment, he say to us: I'm the President of All Americans, so I plan to do absolutely nothing to address your group's specific problems, who when redistributing money, because I'm afraid that other groups who expect 100% of the money, will accuse me of being bias toward Black Folks and that might hurt my chances of getting their vote and I really don't have to worry about Black Folks Votes.  They will blindly vote for me, because I'm one of them and they get joy and pride because of the historic moment.   I wonder what that will reveal when the stimulus distribution numbers by race are made available?  I'm not encouraging people to vote Dem or Rep.  I hope that they vote for change at every position, because our political leaders have not solve the problems they were elected to solve.
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