12 Sep Obama vs. McCain -- 53 days to go. Bill Clinton is getting into the game.

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Clinton and ObamaAmong the photo-ops over the past week, there is one that tops the McCain-Palin media blitz in my opinion.  Not because it is a big glitzy thing, but for the deep implications it has for the outcome of this election.  It should not be lost on the Democratic Party -- and Obama -- that the most recent victor over the tactics of the Republicans was William Jefferson Clinton.  It hould be noted that he was in a constant legal battle during his entire administration, survived impeachment hearings, won two elections, and left office with a budget surplus.  This man knows how to win elections.

When you think about the fact that his only defeat came at the hands of Obama, this should be a formidable team to put on the field for the November election.  Ask Al Gore and John Kerry if they should have listened to him -- about how to handle the smear attacks, and about strategies to win battleground states.

Not only can Mr. Clinton help sell Sen. Obama's economic message, but also Democratic strategists said he can help counter the folksy appeal of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whose nomination as Sen. McCain's running mate has lifted the Republican ticket. "Sarah Palin is getting traction in small towns -- the very places Bill Clinton got his start in politics," said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf, who has worked for Mr. Clinton.

The meeting at the William J. Clinton Foundation headquarters marked the first time the two sat down together since the Democratic primary, when Sen. Obama defeated Mr. Clinton's wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton.  Mr. Clinton expressed no doubt about the outcome. "I predict Sen. Obama will win handily," he said.


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