11 Sep Obama vs. McCain -- 54 days to go. 9/11 -- a grim reminder.

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Just about everyone remembers what they were doing on this date in 2001 -- when the horrible news unfolded with the collapse of the twin towers, a crash into the Pentagon, and the heroic crash of the plane in Shanksville, PA.  As we pause to honor those who died, we must also reflect on the responsibility that accompanies our response.  Has the Department of Homeland Security made us safer? Have we removed the threat of terrorism in the world? Was the war in Iraq the right response?  Can we exit this costly drain on our forces and restore our credibility in the world?  What should the next President do to restore balance?

As the nation pauses to reflect on 9/11, we must understand that John McCain wants to fight the Viet Nam War all over again -- and win this time!  No matter what the cost.  There is good reason why our founding fathers put the commander-in-chief responsibility in the hands of the civilian leadership.  The idea was to prevent war mongering soldiers from taking over the government, and trying to solve every problems with gunds and bombs.  John McCain is a frustrated soldier who wants to be President.  All a soldier wants to do is win wars.  He sees everything in terms of victory or defeat.

We have something to say about what that balance should look like going forward.  Today is my 42nd wedding anniversary, and I don't want to celebrate 43 while we are still at war.  The upcoming election may determine how we spend the next 9/11 observation.

 Think about it.

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