12 May Spiritual Platform

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When you have a strong platform in life, you will have success in business.

A spiritual platform, is a strong foundation for life, health and strength. It is a  foundation where YOU are leaning on the LORD for sustenance. We all need the Lord to sustain us in everything that we do AND say.

How do you develop a strong spiritual platform? Find out where you are in Christ and what you are missing. We all are missing something in our spiritual lives and still need direction. Just because we go to church twelve times a week and are in all the ministries doesn't mean we are working effectively for the LORD or allowing the LORD to work effectfively in our lives.

 Below, I am going to give you a few suggestions that will help you develop a strong spiritual platform.

  • Start your day with prayer --get connected with the Lord at the beginning of the day.
  • Thank God daily for the good and the bad 
  • Study Proverbs daily for one month (I started this today, starting with Proverbs 12)
  • Fellowship with people that have a connection with the Lord and will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want.
  • Read books about spiritual prosperity from well known Pastors/Evangelists/Missionaries
  • Study your bibles in the morning with your prayer and in the evening at the end of the day.


These suggestions above are not complete to your walk with God; they are just suggestions.  They can be adjusted to how the spirit directs you.  You have to choose to better your life starting with your spiritual platform. A strong spiritual platform will help your business and life success!



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