Barack Obama's White Appeal and the Perverse Racial Politics of the Post-Civil Rights Era

Black Agenda Report
Barack Obama's vaunted cross-racial appeal means whites have finally found a Black politician they feel comfortable with - in contrast to their feelings about the great bulk of African Americans. Is that a good thing? Emphatically not, since it is predicated on the belief that Obama isn't really "all that Black." Obama actively encourages notions of his own "exceptionalism" through his "deep willingness to accommodate white supremacy." His declaration that Blacks have already come "90 percent of the way" to racial equality signals to many that the days of having to listen to African American complaints are almost over - when nothing could be further from the truth.

What Use Are Black Mayors?

Jerry G. Watts
Jerry G. Watts
...Scholars of black politics need to begin asking questions concerning the viability of urban electoral politics as a mechanism for generating upward mobility of impoverished populations. We may discover that electing black mayors has had a minute impact, if any impact at all, on the upward mobility of the poor.

Schwarzenegger to the Black Community on the Williams Execution: “Base In Your Face.”

Anthony Asadullah Samad
Anthony Asadullah Samad
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had a chance to re-define himself, his family’s legacy and the discussion on America’s most cruel and questionable practice—capital punishment. A practice that disproportionately impacts African American communities nationwide, all eyes were on California—and all attention was on Schwarzenegger, as he and he alone determined Stanley “Tookie” Williams’ fate.

Why is Tavis Smiling and Why Are We Watching?

The Black Commentator
Every year, radio/tv commentator Tavis Smiley holds a forum that brings together "the best and the brightest" African-Americans from academia, political, economic and health care, to hold panel discussions on what's wrong with Black America, and how we Black Americans should go about fixing it.

This is a good gesture, if we truly believe it will bear positive fruit in the lives of African-Americans, to the point of where we will actually be motivated to take action to improve and take back the communities that serve to develop and nurture us. I cling to that hope, for in many instances, the hope of a better future is all we, as African-Americans, have left to sustain us.