2009 As A Litmus Test For Change: Contact Sport or Spectator Sport?

ImageThe expectations of the New Year has us all expecting change on some level. Change in the nation’s political direction; change in the global situation; change in the economy; change in the job markets; change in the schools; change in our local communities; change in our personal lives.

Burris Flap Tosses Glare on Virtual Lily White Senate

ImageIllinois Congressman Bobby Rush took much heat for saying this, "don't hang and lynch" him. The "him" is Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's hotly disputed Illinois senate appointee Roland Burris. Rush deliberately spoke in racially charged terms. His point was that if the Senate tried to kick Burris out it would be a political and public relations disaster.

How the American Health Care System Got That Way

ImageAs Americans respond to President-elect Obama's call for town hall meetings on reform of the American health care system, an understanding of how that system came to be the way it is can be crucial for figuring out how to fix it. The American health care system is unique because, for most of us, it is tied to our jobs rather than to our government. For many Americans, the system seems natural, but few know that it originated not as a well-thought-out plan to provide for Americans' health, but as a way to circumvent a quirk in wartime wage regulations that had nothing to do with health.

American Mandela

ImageSince winning his election, the president-elect has been as solid and sure-footed as he was during the campaign. He's sought out the best minds and surrounded himself with talented, if not universally popular, advisers. He's slowly and deliberately set in motion a plan to turn campaign talk into real policies of his administration.


Acquiring Black Political Power

ImageDo African people in America have political power to the extent that we can determine significantly, throughout the United States, “who gets what - when, where, and most importantly of all, how?” The answer to this question is and obvious “NO!”