Leadership... 10 Steps Leaders Take to Make Their Dreams A Reality

ImageWhat happens when you try extremely hard and see minimal results? Story sound familiar?

Well, it's time to listen, put pride to the side, and face some hard truths to tap into your "wow" factor. Open your mind and be ready to receive what is rightfully yours in your career--and your overall life.

Here are 10 leadership steps you can take now to help you go from stagnant to magnificent, and turn mental goals into reality. -Jessica Styles
  1. Write down a daily to-do list and hold yourself accountable.
  2. Put a mentor "wish list" together and start recruiting a mentor ASAP.
  3. Secure at least five seasoned professional allies who will introduce you to new ideas, give advice and provide resources.
  4. Write down your last 10 mistakes and analyze each situation. Then, write a solution for each scenario as a way to learn.
  5. Strengthen your skill set and knowledge by doing at least two productive extracurricular assignments each day, such as reading an article, having an intellectual conversation, joining a new organization or conducting industry research.

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