Integrating Email + Twitter + Facebook

ImageIntegrating Email + Twitter + Facebook

If you're not communicating with your customers via social channels as well as through email, you're not reaching your audience where it lives, works and plays. The online marketing industry is growing, with email continuing to be the largest communication channel, as evidenced from the 2010 results. At the same time, the market is experiencing a shift towards social as a communications channel.

Email should work hand-in-hand with other digital messaging channels, and each channel should complement and leverage the strength of the other. There's no need to overcomplicate this process. Here's how to integrate email with Twitter and Facebook, in its simplest form:

Step 1: Define your message by starting with your email subject line.
Short and sweet at 50 characters or less, your subject line should clearly state what your readers can expect from your email, what's in it for them or what you want them to do as a result of the email.

Step 2: Translate your message to Twitter.
By taking that message to 120 characters in Twitter, you can create more interest and clarify your call-to-action. Just add #hashtag and use a shortened URL to save character count.

Step 3: Translate your message to Facebook.
A Facebook posting gives you the opportunity to entice fans even more by expanding your message to 150 characters. Just remove the Twitter #hashtag and add a compelling graphic. It's that simple. You have all the assets at hand, with no need to invent anything new.

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