iZania: Creating a Niche Market for Black-Owned Businesses

Image 2012 is the year of the niche-buying website. Targeting specific segments of the consumer population is huge. iZania is not just doing that, but also targeting a specific segment of merchants. 


iZania Market Deals is helping Black-owned businesses reach a larger audience of potential buyers with one-of-a-kind products and services not popular in the mainstream deals market. iZania is based on the traditional group-buying business model and offers deals from Black entrepreneurs across the country, providing them with the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of new customers outside of traditional marketing. Essentially blowing the doors open to the 'virtual Black community'. 


Roger Madison, is the founder and CEO of iZania, and talks about his goals for the company: 


"The experience we have gained from more than 2.7 million email marketing campaigns has helped us to recognize the growth potential for small businesses with this marketing model. With iZania Market Deals, we can rapidly expand the reach of our clients at an affordable cost." 


"The virtual Black community is a niche market that is rapidly growing. Black consumers have become more active online via social networks and mobile devices for social and business activities. We developed iZania Market Deals as a premier channel for Black entrepreneurs looking to reach this rapidly growing audience of African American online consumers. Our go-to-market strategy includes an affiliate program that collaborates with other marketers that target African American Internet users, and extends the reach to thousands of additional users." 


Target markets are huge, and sub-targeting is just as important. iZania Market Deals is targeting the fastest growing segments of digital users - Black Onliners and Digital Networkers. These segments of the virtual Black community are tech savvy mobile users who 'network' heavily using Facebook, Twitter, and their mobile devices. They're frequent online shoppers; they're on the go and ready to buy. 


iZania Market Deals targets users with direct email offers on a variety of items: Art, books, jewelry, cosmetics, health and beauty products, ethnic gifts, apparel and accessories; all from Black entrepreneurs.  


Madison and his team at iZania are very committed to the cause of marketing this segment of business owners and connecting them to potential customers across the country; whom they may not connect with otherwise. 


"We believe that cooperative economics is the key to growth of the virtual Black community. Growing Black businesses will be able to offer job opportunities within local Black communities. There must be a greater degree of support to help provide opportunities within our community, and connect with opportunities outside our community. Our ultimate goal is to become the town square of the Virtual Black Community where business deals are made." 


Business owners and consumers alike can find out more at http://www.iZaniaMarket.com.
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