Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?

Johan Duran
Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? Teaching youth how to start a business

Many have debated whether or not entrepreneurship is an innate trait or if it's an acquired desire.  Many testimonials support both sides of this debate.  International Business Kids teaches children ages 5-21 how to: start market and manage their very own business.  My observation is 50/50 almost half of our registered students enroll because their parents or loved one wants them to learn financial literacy and entrepreneurship.The other half enroll because they either have an idea for a business or the desire to make money. 

Several years ago two sisters then, 14 year old Leah Edwards and 12 year old Rachel Edwards enrolled in IBK's summer camp.  Leah came kicking and screaming while Rachel had begged her mother for years to help her start a business. Leah expressed her desire to sing and wanted nothing to do with business. Rachel saw her line of cosmetics sold in stores and used by women of color around the world.  During our camp the students were invited to exhibit their products at a local event.  Within two hours Leah and Rachel sold over $300.00 of products. Leah exclaimed- "I'm sold on entrepreneurship, my peers have to work for almost three weeks to earn what I made in two hours."  Of course the lesson of entrepreneurship is about the journey and not the bottom line income.  International Business Kids uses the principles of entrepreneurship to teach life skill principles to youth. 

Leah started YB 21 cosmetics, tag line "Why Be 21 years old before you are a success?" 

Rachel started lovely Lady Lip Gloss, an all natural mineral make up line for teens and women of color.  She was frustrated by seeing only pink and orange lips gloss for African American women. 

Now all four Edwards siblings operate their own business ages 6, 13, 15, 17.
International Business Kids was started by my son Alexander Govan at the early age of 4.  Some would call him a natural born entrepreneur.  Alexander was irritated by children living in poverty and develop a vehicle where children could generate monies needed to improve their quality of life.  In 1996 Alexander died of cancer, his vision lives on through the students who enroll in our workshops and live their dreams through entrepreneurship. 

Are entrepreneurs born or made?  The debate continues, what I know for sure is that when you enroll your child or loved one in our class, we develop their entrepreneurial spirit and help them tap into a purpose driven life! We offer classes in person or on-line, work with churches, community groups and schools.  For information about International Business Kids view our website www.businesskids.biz and contact me at 202-526-5005 office or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. text the word "bizkidz" to 46246 to received a special price.

  • Endura Govan is the Executive Director of International Business Kids.  She teaches financial literacy and entrepreneurship and offers in-school, after school, weekend and summer camp components to organizations.