Black Economic Empowerment: Three Steps to Empowerment in the Digital Age

 ImageWhat is economic empowerment?
Economic Empowerment occurs when a willing and able buyer engages a willing and able seller in the marketplace to complete a transaction.

Access to digital media has expanded the marketplace and is empowering on two levels -- Anybody is connected to everybody, and everybody is connected to anybody. Economic Empowerment is a two way street.

This concept was popularized by the concept of "six degrees of separation" -- which refers to the unproven idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth. What is true, however, is that social networking has shown that many of us have lots of contacts in common. Just take a look at an analysis of the "Friends of Your Friends" on Facebook. By connecting a few dots, we quickly gain access to a significantly larger circle than our immediate friends. The result is what is known as a viral phenomenon. Our influence can spread as quickly as a flu virus.

If those of us who seek Black economic empowerment want to achieve success, more of us need to leverage the "kindness of strangers" to our benefit. We can do that in three very simple ways.

  1. Always share good news. When you visit a website, or social networking page, or blog, or read an article that you consider valuable -- "share" it with your network. Pass it along to your email list. You are helping to enable a stranger who has shared something valuable with you.
  2. Always provide feedback to valuable sources. We all are inundated with information. Some is valuable. Some is a waste of our time. When you find valuable nuggets, always provide feedback -- "Like" the post, "Comment" on the article, "Rate" the business, "Retweet" to your Twitter followers. For your valued friends "write a recommendation." When others who value your opinion see your feedback, they will be empowered to trust you and your friends.
  3. Actively support your virtual economic network. Economic empowerment is a reciprocal activity. It requires buyers and sellers exchanging value in the marketplace. If Black economic empowerment is to become a reality, we must actively seek other Black entrepreneurs and consumers to move from a position of disadvantage to a position of advantage.

CALL TO ACTION: You can help make Black economic empowerment a reality. Keep the momentum going!

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  • Say "YES" to a Black Business every day.

When we actively share good news, engage in economic transactions, and provide feedback -- it becomes easier to grow our "quality networks" of empowered Black businesses and consumers.

Roger Madison, CEO

iZania, LLC