Black Crowdfunding -- A Solution for Black Entrepreneurs

ImageBlack Crowdfunding is an initiative of Creative Investment Research, Inc. [CIR] and, in conjunction with Blacks in Green [BIG], and others in the African American community who are dedicated to advancing the health/wealth of communities everywhere. was previewed, via a "soft launch," on March 15, 2013 with a BIG Crowdfunding Club Soire & Webinar. Our second "soft launch" consisted of our participation in a discussion on resources for African American businesses at the Harvard Business School on April 7, 2013.

It is the first crowdfunding portal inspired by a commitment to increase the rate at which African American businesses are created and sustained...linking the critical importance of robust circulation of black dollars within black communities to the fundamental well-being of its residents...and understanding the heightened importance of the "walkable black village" anchored by neighbor-owned businesses to the foreseeable challenges of the global climate crisis.

Moreover, it is the only such portal which functions as part of a whole-system solution for the whole-system problem common to black communities everywhere. Please read on and share the good news. William Michael Cunningham, Naomi Davis and the team working on this site invite people of all backgrounds to share their dreams, learn this structure, and discover why crowdfunding is so important...why it works...who benefits...and how to participate for individual and greater good.

Our well-documented commitment to black health/wealth makes ours the portal-of-choice for crowdfunding donations, loans - and soon, business equity transactions. Thank you for investing through us, and circulating your dollars through a community which needs your care the most.

Our goal is to solve the issues of unemployment and a lack of wealth in the African American, minority and women-owned business community. We aim to accelerate the rate at which African American businesses are created and sustained.

Via crowdfunding, we create new investment and financing strategies that generate wealth and employment. These are independent, ethical and entirely new approaches to addressing economic issues in African American, minority and women business communities. 


William Michael Cunningham, 

CEO of Creative Investment Research
For thirty years Mr. Cunningham has been studying small business finance and inventing new financial instruments. He holds Masters Degrees in both business and economics from the University of Chicago, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, cum laude from Howard University.

Mr. Cunningham is CEO of Creative Investment Research, where since 1989 he has been a policy analyst and advisor providing investment research and management services. His firm researches and creates socially responsible investments, with a special focus on minority business, finance, and job creation; community development financial institutions and diversity reinvestment - including banks owned by women and minorities; and analysis of government compliance, new market tax credits, and environmental impact assessments. He works with pension fund trustees, investment managers and analysts, community activists, government agencies, and financial industry organizations to create and implement his social and community investing initiatives. 


Naomi Davis, President & Founder BIG: Blacks in Green™

Ms. Davis is a nationally recognized environmentalist, and an urban theorist, attorney, activist, and proud granddaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers. She is president and founder of BIG: Blacks in Green, an award-winning economic development organization based in West Woodlawn, Chicago with a national network. They are one of America's most diverse eco-orgs, and a thought leader in sustainable community development for communities of color...across 13 economic sectors.

Naomi Davis was born and raised in St. Albans, Queens, NYC, earned a Juris Doctor at John Marshall Law School of Chicago, with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech & Drama and English from Fisk University.

She lives where she works in the historic village of West Woodlawn, southernmost tip of Bronzeville, home of Lorraine Hansberry and Emmett Till.  


Roger Madison, CEO

iZania, LLC