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THE OVER THE RAINBOW GROUP, through its websites and products has one objective, promoting discussions within the Black community of "positives" such as love, self-respect, family, character, integrity, and self reliance. Our sites are intended to provoke thought about what we have become and where we will go from here.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve what one cannot visualize. Victories won by participants in the Civil Rights Movement of the 50's, 60's and 70's were facilitated by values and self-images instilled years earlier. Without explanation, the Black community, for the past twenty, or more, years, has recklessly ignored the power of images and perceptions. A people who deemed (and protested) "negative" messages projected by a smiling, fat-cheeked "Aunt Jemima", a subservient "Uncle Ben", and a grammatically-challenged "Rastus", now quietly abides its international depiction as over-sexed "players", scantily-clad, sex objects, "urban warriors", and "babies' mommas".

THE OVER THE RAINBOW GROUP seeks, without rancor or animousty, to challenge this imagery. A "silent majority" is a luxury we, Black America, can ill afford.


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