13 Feb There Is No Common Ground

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Recently, I have been following the Republican Party primaries.  Something scary is coming out of these spectacles that are designed to select the leader of the Republican opposition toPresident Obama in the next election.  Each of the candidates is stumbling over themselves in coming up with ways to confirm their hatred of Obama policies.  The best way to describe their chorus is: "There is no common ground."

At the opening of the recent CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), Senator Jim Dement of South Carolina stated, "We don't share any common goals with the Democrats."  

Not since before the Civil War has there been such a sharp ideological divide between the political parties in this country.  We are witnessing gridlock in the Congress.  Newly elected Republican governors in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, South Carolina, New Jersey and other states where there are Republican incumbents -- have moved in aggressive fashion to dismantle gains in civil rights, labor, and social safety net programs while reducing taxes on the wealthiest among us in the name of "job creation."

The Tea Party and Grover Nordquist has handcuffed the Republican Party with their "no new taxes" pledge.  Buried in their rhetoric is an animosity towards President Obama and the Democratic Party that has created an ideological gulf that allows no tolerance of compromise.  This is preparation for a new form of Civil War that we have never seen.  The battle lines are so sharply drawn that President Obama -- The great compromiser-in-chief -- has abandoned any semblance of trying to reach an accommodation with the Republican opposition.

What does this mean for those of us who only have a vote to contribute to the fray? 

Like soldiers going off to war, our vote is our rifle.  We have to choose sides because there will be clear winners and losers in this next election.  Every battle counts -- at the local, state, and national level.  Each of us has to choose what side we are on.  There was a time when voters were urged to study the candidates, understand the issues, and vote based on a clear understanding of the positions of the candidates on the issues.  We have something different going on here in 2012.

There are no candidates who are voting based on their conscience, or the will of the people, or the merits of a given piece of legislation.  This is a winner-take-all election, and the losers will lose big.  This comes down to the haves vs. the have-nots.  The 99% vs. the 1%.  The liberals  vs. the conservatives.  The details don't matter.

To make it simple, The Democrats are on the side of the have-nots, the 99%, and policies that give more of us a fairer chance.  The Republicans are on the side of the "haves", the wealthy, the supporters of more tax cuts for the rich, a roll back of all policies that have tried to level the playing field.  They want to retore all the advantages of privilege, at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

The worst thing any of us can do is the sit out this election.  It is not a matter of choosing among the lesser of two evils.  When sodliers enlist for battle, the time for debae and discussion of the issues is over.  It is win or die.  This is a battle for our future.  Our goal is to Win the Future for the have-nots.

There is more, but further study of the issues and candidates will only confirm the stark reality of this culture war that we are about to engage in.  I will share more about what is at stake in a future  blog .

Gird yourself for battle.  Register, and make sure that everyone who is elible votes.

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