20 Feb Winning the Future for Black America

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I have observed two extremes for Black America recently. 

At the lowest extreme, there are indicators of poverty, high school dropout reates, single parent households headed by women, incarceration rates for Black males, unemployment at devastating levels.

At the other extreme is the growth rate of Black businesses (3 times the national rate), a record number of Black elected officals, middle class Blacks in key positions in government and industry (not in high numbers, but access to leadership, wealth and power), the very wealthiest of Black Americans doing well and thriving (i.e., Oprah, Bob Johnson, Magic Johnson, Bill Cosby, Tom Joyner, Tavis Smiley, etc.), and of course, the ultimate success of Barack Obama, President of the USA.

I want to pose a simple proposition to those who are still reading. Individual Blacks have the opportunity to affect both of these extremes in a positive way.  When your individual situation is examined in an honest light, you either need help or can offer help to both of these.  You can help the successful Black Americans by voting, supporting their causes, buying their  products, and emulating their work habits that made them successful.  You can help those at the lowest end of the spectrum by volunteering to mentor or provide meals on wheels, or offeirng a job to someone who needs and is willing to work.  Therefore, most of us are in the middle -- we can support our own advance or that of others (ahead of us or behind us), or we can conclude that what we can do as individuals will make no difference.

If you believe that we cannot make any difference, PLEASE STOP READING NOW!

For those who have even the smallest capacity to help someone, please answer one simple question.  Do you want to help?  YES OR NO.

At iZania, we are planning an initiative for those who answer YES.  This is not a get rich scheme, but it is an economic initiative to engage as many Black consumers as possible to leverage our discretionary income to --  WIN THE FUTURE FOR BLACK AMERICA.

Our most important need today is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  Followed by Education, Education, Education.  When asked what was the greatest commandment, Jesus answered with two (See Matthew 22:34-40).  The two greatest needs of the iZania Community (the descendents of Africa in America) are jobs to meet current needs, and education to prepare for future needs.  We can leverage the spending power we have today to help solve both of those needs.

Supporting Black-owned businesses = jobs for African Americans. Studies show that 76% of the employees of Black-owned businesses are Black.  So, there is a compelling reason to support Black owned businesses -- jobs, jobs, jobs -- for African Americans.  That begins to address the immediate needs within our communities.  We have enough discretionary spending power to make a difference for Black-owned businesses, and job seekers.

We win the future of education by sheer effort -- doing whatever it takes to keep our children in school getting the best education they can.  The future belongs to those who have 21st century skills.  Most Black-owned businesses that will survive into the future need skilled workers.  There is no help for dropouts.  It is simple -- "Quitters never win."

Our initiatives will begin within a few weeks.  If you want to win the future for yourself -- or for those you can help -- reply with a simple answer.  Just say YES. 

We will provide more information for those who want to Win The Future.

 Winners Never Quit!

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