31 Oct Obama vs. McCain -- 5 days to go. Deja vu all over again.

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Electoral MapWe have seen this movie before -- or at least something like it.  In the final days of the Democratic Primary Campaign, the news pundits at CNN rolled out the "majic map."  In the first version of this movie, there were endless combinations of potential strategies need to defeat Barack Obama.  The conclusions drawn were that his oponent -- Hillary Clinton -- needed to win every contest remainining.  Then , every contest PLUSS some Super Delgates would have to change their support of Obama.  Then the FUD strategy -- Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

We are now seeing this movie play out all over again.  There are 5 battle ground states remaining -- states in which there is doubt about the outcome.  AND, by the way, all states that were won by the Republican candidate in 2004.  At the end of last week, there were 7.  Two of them -- Colorado and Virginia --  are now leaning Obama.  The only strategy remaining for McCain is to win all of these battleground states -- Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri.  McCain must win  all of these, AND Pensylvania, a traditionally Democratic Party state, to win 270 Electoral College votes.

Last evening, Barack Obama's closing argument was viewed by an estimated 30 million viewers.  Today, Joe the Plumber was missing in action at a McCain rally.  The contrast could not be more vivid.  Yet the Obama cmpaign is showing no signs of relaxing and coasting to victory.  Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama pressed a multi-state offensive -- all in the battle ground States.

If we do our part, and get out the vote, this movie will have the same ending -- victory for Obama! 

Each of us must continue the effort up until the very last vote is cast.  Barack Obama is doing his part.  We must continue to drive early voting, and close the deal with a strong turnout on election day.


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