27 Oct Obama vs. McCain -- 8 days to go. Louder is not Better.

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Fareed ZakariaOne of the voices I have been listening to recently is the quiet intellectual perspective of Fareed Zakaria.  Please watch this video to hear his reasoned support of Barack Obama.  This matches the wisdom of Colin Powell for its clarity and differentiation of the two candidates. 

Click Here to view the video.

As the campaign moves rapidly toward its conclusion, one of the clear distinctions of the Obama campaign is how the depth of his understaning of complex global issues has emerged.  He has demonstrated a growing maturity and reasoned development of policy positions on foreign affairs, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our relationship with Israel, healthcare, education, and finally, the global economic crisis.

For John McCain, what is more obvious is that the volume has gone up. He repeats worn Conservative positions regarding tax and spend liberals, low taxes, elimination of earmarks, deregulation, and trickle down economic theory prominent during the Reagan administration.  He has not demonstrated any understanding of the complexities of the issues facing the world now.  He seems to see everything in terms of victory or defeat, confrontation, and power as opposed to diplomacy and collaboration with other nations of the world.

As we approach the day of reckoning, we need more sound reasoning, and not louder repetition of tired and worn policies that are outdated.  Stating them louder won't make them work any better.

Listen and add this voice of reason  to those that contribute to your decision.


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