18 Sep Obama vs. McCain -- 47 days to go. Keeping the Faith.

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One year ago, Barack Obama's advisors told him that the high road to Washington was going to cost him the nomination.  They said that he needed a tough attack to defeat Hillary Clinton and the other more experienced challengers for the Democratic nomination.  He stuck to his faith in the "audacity of hope" and crafted a campaign built on "change we can believe in."

Here we are, one year later and  -- 47 DAYS TO ELECTING BARACK OBAMA PRESIDENT.

My encouragement today is, Keep the faith!

- The polls are showing a shift towards Obama in the battleground states.
- The economic house of cards that the Republican leadership has built is crumbling.
- Voters are registering in record numbers -- most of them by Obama supporters.
- While the Republicans are engaging in bluster, Obama offers a calm, Presidential  message.

Out of the turmoil of the past few days, here is a message from Barack Obama:
Obama Economy Video

Become an informed supporter.  Read the Obama EconomicPlan
Obama Economic Plan

Make the best of every day to sieze the victory that is in sight.

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