Freedom Paper Company -- casting a vote for what you deserve

If you see something, say something...

This week we are profiling a Black-owned manufacturing and distribution company that has the potential for impacting the infrastructure of the Black-owned business landscape.  When Black business owners think about how to strengthen our networks, recycle dollars within our communities, and how to achieve the scale to make a difference, this is the type of company that we should consider doing business with -- a manufacturing and distribution business with national reach.


ImageFreedom Paper Company LLC is a Black-owned light manufacturer and master distributor of personal paper, personal care, jan san general, chemical, restaurant, and janitorial products for both residential and commercial demand. The corporate headquarters is located in Columbia Maryland. We have distribution outlets in various cities throughout the US and the ability to service national interest.


Do you own a janitorial services company? A restaurant or catering business? Need office supplies for your business? Need toilet paper or tissues?  If so, think about this: Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.


Kamose Muhammad, CEO and founder, says "Our goal is to provide products which exceed our customer's expectations by consistently obtaining the best of this world's quality and economy. We will never cease in this endeavor, for we want for our customers and their families what we want for ourselves and our families. Freedom! What You Deserve!"


Freedom Paper Company LLC's management combines over 63 years of corporate expertise in various disciplines with an uncommon blend of community activism. This unusual yet dynamic blend gives them an unprecedented ability to become industry leaders in  the ever changing global business environment.


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Roger Madison, CEO

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