Black Economic Empowerment: Dare to Be Great

ImageLast week, I began a focus on Black-owned businesses that are right in front of us -- delivering excellent service, but in many cases, unknown. So, I challenged our readers -- If You See Something, Say Something.


This week I want to tell you about a Black business owner who dares to be great.


One of my favorite books is Good To Great by Jim Collins. In this book, he challenges good organizations to take a look in the mirror and confront the brutal facts -- including leadership, who's on the team, focusing on what you're really good at, developing a culture of discipline, and accelerating success with technology.


We found these Black-owned businesses in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina that dare to be great.


ImageExcellent Presence

Simple, Goal-Focused Websites (and Marketing) that Deliver Results. "Results" Keep You in Business. "Design" Doesn't.

What we are advocating is the creation of your website with results firmly at the forefront of mind, and not solely "good looks." Who Cares if Your Website is "Beautiful" ...if it Won't Generate Results?



ImageExpect Perfection

We want you to expect excellence in every aspect of dealing with Expect Perfection. We seek to exude veracity in every one of our actions, by treating both you and our associates with the utmost  transparency,authenticity, and respect.


ImageHarmony Major is a Black business owner who epitomizes all of the qualities of greatness in the businesses that she has developed.  This is an entrepreneur who dares to be great. And she guarantees results!  These businesses have accepted the challenge of greatness, and have committed themselves to delivering the results. When looking for these services, start with excellent results in mind.



If You See Something, Say Something!

Tell us about any Black-owned business that need more awareness.  Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We will share the news with our online community.



Roger Madison, CEO

iZania, LLC